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Sea Vu Play

The weird, wonderful world of Sea Vu Play brings fun with a nautical theme to Seminyak restaurants. With more than a nod to maritime traditions, pirate folklore and tales of the sea are the inspiration for this fun filled venue; the perfect place to eat, drink, be merry and enjoy nightlife in Bali.  Sea Vu Play reflects the fun filled nature of a holiday in Bali –  you’ll never feel out of place in a Hawaiian shirt on a table under the palm trees. The vibe may be all about fun but there are some things we’re serious about and that includes our food, drink and music. While we take it seriously, we invite you to enjoy the dreamy escapism of Bali, savoring delicious dishes and tempting signature cocktails. Sea Vu Play is injecting the fun back into restaurants in Seminyak. It’s a destination inspired by the islands and seaside destinations. Think of seaside carnival circus theme park in Melbourne meets the Pier at Santa Monica, and you’ll come somewhere close to what Sea Vu Play is all about. But of course the best way to find out is to step aboard yourself. We lower the gang plank from 4pm every day.

The Den

  • Successor to the famous Hu’u Bar
  • Classic Bar and lounge experience
  • Featuring international and local DJ’s
  • Located at the back of Sea Vu Play
  • Classic 5 (Signature cocktails)
  • Coexistence of genres from afro, hip-hop, balearic to old school disco


hu’u villas aims to cater to your personal preferences and what you expect from your experience in Bali. Our team will advise you in the spots to visit, to ensure you that you will get the Bali experience that you are after.


Utilize our in-villa tablets to access complementary WiFi, browse the hu’u bistro menu or book great activities and excursions. Connect your own device to villa wide WiFi or our amazing built in sound system.


Guest service agents are available 24 hours a day, from making diner reservations to arranging transport. We serve breakfast till 11 am and supper club snacks are available long after midnight.