“I had such an amazing time at hu’u Villas! We stayed in a split level two bedroom villa with its own private pool. These villas have the perfect feeling of home and luxury combined. Nestled in lots of greenery and very private with incredibly friendly staff. The chefs at hu’u bistro are world class, offering up incredible renditions of dishes such as Watermelon Sashimi, and a set of desserts to die for. We were so lucky to arrive the same day they were tasting the new menu, so we got to taste pretty much everything! These villas are great because you can choose to have privacy, peace and quiet, but if you feel like a night out you are just around the corner from must see spots such as the W bar and Potato Head Beach Club, as well as the now famous ‘Eat Street’! All in all, hu’u Villas are a top recommendation of mine.”

Pia Meuhlenback is an Australian blogger and the founder of SLINKII Athletic and lover of life, read all about her adventures.