Interview with Sean Lee, co-founder of hu'u Villas.

Next month it will be the start of hu’u Villas’ 10th anniversary, and later this year, the hu’u Group is launching its sister brand, hu’u Village! You recently created a new brand tagline, “Where Luxury Meets Freedom.” Lots of recent exciting events and developments. Please share the inspiration for the new brand tagline.

We are thrilled to celebrate hu’u Villas’ 10th anniversary and the exciting addition of hu’u Village to our brand family. The new brand tagline, “Where Luxury Meets Freedom,” embodies our core philosophy of offering our guests a luxurious experience while embracing the concept of freedom of choice. Luxury goes beyond following trends or conforming to unwritten rules, it’s about empowering our guests to express themselves and mix up styles as they see fit.

When you stay with us, you can indulge in your personal preferences. Whether mixing and matching different styles, embracing your unique fashion sense, or savoring any cuisine that suits your palate, we celebrate your individuality. True luxury lies in providing an environment where you can be yourself and make choices that resonate with your desires.

We are dedicated to providing a luxurious experience that allows you to create unforgettable moments on your terms.

Hu’u Villas has gone through a remarkable journey from being a renowned club (hu’u Bali) to a pioneer in boutique luxury villa resorts. Can you share some highlights of this transformation and what distinguishes hu’u Villas in the industry?

Absolutely! The evolution of hu’u Villas from a renowned club to a pioneer in boutique villa resorts has been an incredible journey. One of the key highlights is our commitment to providing guests with spacious and luxurious villas. Since opening in 2013, hu’u Villas has been known for its exceptionally spacious accommodations, offering our guests ample room to relax and enjoy their privacy.

What distinguishes hu’u Villas is our unwavering dedication to creating unforgettable experiences. From personalized services to bespoke amenities, we strive to exceed our guests’ expectations and leave a lasting impression. Our prime location in Petitenget, Seminyak, further adds to the allure, providing easy access to Bali’s vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and renowned dining and entertainment options. This unique combination of spacious luxury, exceptional experiences, and prime location sets hu’u Villas apart in the industry.


As hu’u Villas celebrates its 10th anniversary and launches hu’u Village, its sister brand, what can you tell us about the significance of hu’u Village and its relationship to hu’u Villas?

hu’u Village is an exciting new addition to the hu’u Group, and we are delighted to launch it alongside hu’u Villas’ 10th anniversary. While hu’u Villas focuses on providing exceptional villa accommodations and experiences, hu’u Village extends our vision by creating a vibrant retail and entertainment hub next to hu’u Villas.

hu’u Village is not just about luxury and freedom; it’s also about serious fun. Luxury should go hand in hand with enjoyment and lightheartedness. It is a place where guests can embrace the joy of life and indulge in memorable experiences.
With a carefully curated selection of boutique shops, dining establishments, and entertainment venues, hu’u Village adds excitement and energy to the overall guest experience. It is a destination where you can let loose, have a great time, and create lasting memories; hu’u Village will provide serious fun in an unforgettable setting.


How will you celebrate the incredible milestone of 10 years of hu’u Villas and leading bespoke hospitality in Bali?

We are thrilled to celebrate this momentous occasion of 10 years of hu’u Villas and our continued leadership in bespoke hospitality in Bali. To mark this special milestone, we have planned an unforgettable celebration in collaboration with our valued guests and business partners.

We are curating a series of incredible experiences and entertainment recommendations exclusively for our guests in Bali. We aim to create a tailor-made campaign that offers our guests and members exclusive perks and access to enhance their stay with us. From unique cultural experiences to personalized surprises, we want our guests to feel truly special and appreciated.

As our guests book with us, they can expect to benefit from these exclusive perks and enjoy a heightened level of service and attention to detail. It’s our way of expressing gratitude for their support and loyalty throughout these ten years.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and creating cherished memories together. It’s a celebration that reflects our commitment to providing exceptional hospitality and ensuring that every stay with hu’u Villas is an experience to remember.